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Green Sun  has subsidiaries in Japan that specialize in Japanese translation.

The only one company in the world which can use Trados for 8 South East Asian languages — Vietnamese, Lao, Khmer, Burmese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog — besides Japanese. One-stop management for 8 South East Asian languages. Large-scale Project Management skill: Technical manuals containing 1 million words in 1 month.

Translation Fields

Our translation skills are second to none, particularly with commercial and technical files.

General business 

Business registrations, IR brochures, financial statements, and communication materials 

IT, electronics, and machinery

Electronics - Machinery - Software - Hardware - Control Systems - Medical Devices - Civil Engineering - Environment - Water Treatment - Waste Treatment - ISO - User Manuals

Business, finance, and accounting

IR materials, financial statements,  annual reports, and audit reports


Training materials by JICA and AOTS

Health care

Medical certificates, material safety data sheets , medical journal articles, and medical instructions

Laws and contracts

Contracts, legal documents, and court materials 

PR and marketing

Corporate websites, CSR reports, product brochures, and posters

Tourism and travel

Tourism leaflets, travel apps, and travel guides

Literature, culture, and entertainment

Fictional writing, anime, games, and movies


Our translation fees are based on the word count / word volume of source files.
Language-specific translation rates may vary, depending on the content and language pair. Our estimated translation rates are presented below. However, these rates may also vary depending on the required document format and delivery date. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a more detailed quote . (includes free consultation and quote).


* The Japanese translation rate is based on the number of characters.
* The English translation rate is based on the number of words.
VietnameseLanguage 1Language 2Language 3
Complexity Level A0.06 USD~0.1 USD~0.11 USD~0.2 USD~
Complexity Level B0.07 USD~0.12 USD~0.13 USD~0.22 USD~
Complexity Level C0.08 USD~0.14 USD~0.15 USD~0.24 USD~


* For languages with Latin characters (e.g., Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog), the translation rate is based on the number of words.
* For Thai, Khmer, Bahasa, and Lao languages, the translation rate is based on a 400-character page count.
VietnameseLanguage 1Language 2Language 3
Complexity Level A0.12 USD~0.14 USD~0.16 USD~
Complexity Level B0.14 USD~0.16 USD~0.18 USD~
Complexity Level C0.16 USD~0.18 USD~0.20 USD~

1. Language Groups

Group 1: Thai, Khmer, Bahasa, Indonesian
Group 2: Lao, Malay, Tagalog
Group 3: Nepali, Sinhala, Urdu, Persian, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian

2. Translation Complexity

Level A: Email translation
Level B: General business, user manuals, certificates, and diplomas
Level C: Contracts, financial statements, and technical materials requiring a high level of industry knowledge / Printing materials requiring good formatting skills, such as leaflets

* Our rates may vary depending on the complexity and layout format of the documents.
* The rates above are tax-exclusive.
* We also offer additional services such as desktop publishing translation (DTP), patent translation, certified translation, copywriting, subtitling, voice recording, etc.


The period from the approval until delivery may vary depending on the language pair, complexity, word volume, and document format. Below is our estimated delivery period for our Japanese-to-Vietnamese translation services. However, Green Sun is open to making adjustments for urgent requests upon prior discussion with the client.
Word volume of the original file
Number of translation days
(Standard quality)
Number of translation days
(High quality)
~1,000 Characters1~2 Working days1~1.5 Working days
~2,000 Characters2~3 Working days1.5~2 Working days
~10,000 Characters6~8 Working days4~6 Working days
~30,000 Characters10~15 Working days8~12 Working days
~50,000 Characters15~20 Working days10~15 Working days

※High quality: Green Sun is capable of accommodating urgent, high-quality translation requests for its clients.

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